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Contains the APIs needed to build a custom source using a MuzeiArtProvider.

While Muzei comes with a number of built in sources, the MuzeiArtProvider is the key for building your own wallpaper source, providing wallpaper from any source you want. Each MuzeiArtProvider serves as the entry point for Muzei to communicate with your app and retrieve wallpapers you make available.

While your MuzeiArtProvider is based on an android.content.ContentProvider and that level of API is available for you through the columns by the ProviderContract, it is strongly recommended to add artwork via the APIs provided by the ProviderClient which can be retrieved via the ProviderContract.getProviderClient methods.



Artwork associated with a MuzeiArtProvider.

class Artwork


An implementation of DocumentsProvider that provides users direct access to the images of one or more MuzeiArtProvider instances.

open class MuzeiArtDocumentsProvider : DocumentsProvider


Base class for a Muzei Live Wallpaper artwork provider. Art providers are a way for other apps to feed wallpapers (called artworks) to Muzei Live Wallpaper.

abstract class MuzeiArtProvider : ContentProvider, ProviderClient


Interface for interacting with a MuzeiArtProvider. Methods of this interface can be used directly within a MuzeiArtProvider or you can get an instance via ProviderContract.getProviderClient.

interface ProviderClient


Contract between Muzei and Muzei Art Providers, containing the definitions for all supported URIs and columns as well as helper methods to make it easier to work with the provided data.

object ProviderContract