muzei-api / / MuzeiArtDocumentsProvider


open class MuzeiArtDocumentsProvider : DocumentsProvider

An implementation of DocumentsProvider that provides users direct access to the images of one or more MuzeiArtProvider instances.

Linking a MuzeiArtProvider to MuzeiArtDocumentsProvider

Each MuzeiArtProvider has an authority associated with it, which uniquely defines it across all apps. This means it should generally be namespaced similar to your application ID - i.e., com.example.artprovider.

A MuzeiArtDocumentsProvider uses the android:authorities assigned to it as the mechanism for linking it to a single MuzeiArtProvider instances from your app - the authority used must be that of a valid MuzeiArtProvider plus the suffix .documents. For example, if your MuzeiArtProvider had the authority of com.example.artprovider, you would use an authority of com.example.artprovider.documents:

<provider android:name=""
      <action android:name="android.content.action.DOCUMENTS_PROVIDER" />

The MuzeiArtDocumentsProvider will automatically make the artwork from the MuzeiArtProvider available via the system file picker and Files app.

Subclassing MuzeiArtDocumentsProvider

Android enforces that a single android:name can only be present at most once in the manifest. While in most cases this is not an issue, it does mean that only a single MuzeiArtDocumentsProvider class can be added to the final merged application manifest.

Therefore in cases where you do not control the final application manifest (e.g., when providing a MuzeiArtProvider and MuzeiArtDocumentsProvider pair as part of a library), it is strongly recommended to subclass MuzeiArtDocumentsProvider, ensuring that the android:name in the manifest is unique.

class MyArtDocumentsProvider : MuzeiArtDocumentsProvider()

It is not necessary to override any methods in MuzeiArtDocumentsProvider.

Supporting multiple MuzeiArtProvider instances in your app

Each MuzeiArtDocumentsProvider is associated with a single MuzeiArtProvider via the android:authorities attribute. To support multiple MuzeiArtProvider instances in your app, you must subclass MuzeiArtDocumentsProvider (as described above) and add each separate instance to your manifest, each with the appropriate authority.



An implementation of DocumentsProvider that provides users direct access to the images of one or more MuzeiArtProvider instances.