Class Summary
Artwork A serializable object representing a single artwork produced by a MuzeiArtSource.
Artwork.Builder A builder-style, fluent interface for creating Artwork objects.
MuzeiArtSource Base class for a Muzei Live Wallpaper artwork source.
MuzeiContract Contract for Muzei's ContentProvider, allowing other apps to read Muzei's current artwork data.
MuzeiContract.Artwork Constants and helper methods for the Artwork table, providing access to the current artwork.
RemoteMuzeiArtSource A convenience subclass of MuzeiArtSource that's specifically designed for use by art sources that fetch artwork metadata remotely.
UserCommand Data class representing a user-visible command.

Exception Summary
RemoteMuzeiArtSource.RetryException An exception indicating that the RemoteMuzeiArtSource would like to retry a failed update attempt.